ShinButsuDASH(Escape game app in actual japanese temples.)


A shy yet imaginative high school girl, “Kaori Yuzuriha.” While on her way home from school, a mysterious pattern appears on her right hand.

When she turns around, she sees a small spirit beast floating in a humanoid form, introducing itself as “Nagi.”

Despite being wary of Nagi’s request to solve a mystery, Kaori decides to take on the challenge, her imagination running wild as she delves into the puzzle-solving.

There is a secret chamber in the temple, and those with the pattern are set free upon solving the riddle.

On their journey of solving the mystery, they encounter a cheerful high school girl and a spirit beast duo.

Set in real temples and shrines in Japan, the story is packed with elements that allow one to enjoy and familiarize themselves with Japanese culture through puzzle-solving and character interactions. Moreover, after solving the mysteries, there are enlightening talks from monks and shrine priests that can be applied to daily life!

A genuine Japanese-style fantasy that unfolds the mystery of the secret chamber and spirit beasts!

This game’s features?

1:Puzzle-solving spaces based on real temple and shrine rooms.

“You can enjoy the feeling of entering temples and shrines!”

2:”With each mystery you solve, you naturally gain knowledge about Japanese culture!”

“Gaining knowledge through puzzle-solving is such a bonus🎵”

3:”A genuine Japanese-style fantasy featuring adorable ‘spirit beasts’.”

“My time has come!”

4:”The game is fully supported in English.”

“If you press the button labeled ‘English’ at the start, it will switch to English support from there.”

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