Shinbutsu DASH Service Terms of Use

These terms govern the handling of your use of the “Shinbutsu DASH” service (hereinafter referred to as “this service”) provided by Jinjabukkakuonline Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”). Please use this service after agreeing to these terms.

Article 1 (Definitions)

The definitions of the terms used in these terms are as follows:

(1) This Service: The service operated by our company and related services.
(2) This Site: The website where the content of this service is posted.
(3) This Content: The general term for text, sound, still images, videos, software programs, codes, etc., provided on this service (including posted information).
(4) User: All persons using this service.
(5) Personal Information: The general term for information that can identify individuals, such as address, name, occupation, telephone number, etc.
(6) Intellectual Property: Things created by human creative activities such as inventions, devices, new varieties of plants, designs, works, etc. (including natural laws or phenomena that have been discovered or elucidated and have industrial applicability), trademarks, trade names, and other goods or services used in business activities, and trade secrets and other technically or commercially useful information in business activities.
(7) Intellectual Property Rights: Rights such as patent rights, utility model rights, breeder’s rights, design rights, copyright, trademark rights, and other rights or legally protected interests related to intellectual property as defined by laws and regulations.

Article 2 (Agreement to these Terms)

  1. Users may use this service only after agreeing to these terms of use.
  2. A usage contract in accordance with the provisions of these terms shall be established between the user and our company at the point when the user downloads this service to a smartphone or other information terminal and performs the procedure for agreeing to these terms.
  3. If the user is a minor, please use this service after obtaining the consent of a parent or other legal guardian.
  4. If a minor user uses this service by falsely stating or pretending to be of age, or by using deceit to appear as a person capable of action, despite not having the consent of a legal guardian, they cannot revoke any legal acts related to this service.
  5. If a user who was a minor at the time of agreeing to these terms uses this service after reaching adulthood, such user is deemed to have ratified all legal acts related to this service.

Article 3 (Amendment of the Terms)

  1. Our company may amend the contents of these terms at any time without obtaining the consent of the user, and the user shall accept this without objection.
  2. When our company amends these terms, we will notify the user of the contents by a method specified by our company.
  3. The effect of the amendment of the preceding terms shall arise from the point when our company notifies according to the preceding paragraph.
  4. Users are deemed to have agreed to the amended terms without objection when they use this service after the amendment of these terms.

Article 4 (Handling of Personal Information, etc.)

Personal information and user information shall be handled appropriately in accordance with the “Privacy Policy” separately established by our company.

Article 5 (Prohibited Acts)

In using this service, our company prohibits the following acts for users (hereinafter referred to as “users”). If our company determines that a user has violated the prohibitions, we may take measures deemed necessary by our company, such as suspension of use and deletion of posts, and the user shall accept this without objection.

(1) Acts that infringe the intellectual property rights of our company or a third party

(2) Acts that defame or unfairly discriminate or slander the honor or credit of our company or a third party

(3) Acts that infringe on the property of our company or a third party, or acts that are likely to infringe

(4) Acts that cause economic damage to our company or a third party

(5) Threatening acts against our company or a third party

(6) Acts of using or inducing computer viruses, harmful programs

(7) Acts that put excessive stress on the infrastructure equipment for this service

(8) Attacks on the servers, systems, or security of this site

(9) Attempts to access our company’s services in ways other than through the interfaces provided by our company

(10) Acts where a single user obtains multiple user IDs

(11) Other acts that our company deems inappropriate

Article 6 (Handling of Content)

  1. Users may use the content of this service only within the scope defined by our company.
  2. All rights regarding the content provided in this service are owned by our company, and no implementation or usage license of patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights, copyrights, or other intellectual property rights owned by our company is granted to users.
  3. Users are prohibited from reproducing, transmitting, transferring (including sales between users), lending, translating, adapting, unauthorized reposting, secondary use, commercial use, modification, disassembling, decompiling, reverse engineering, etc., by any means beyond the usage scope defined by our company.
  4. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, if a user loses their user qualifications due to withdrawal or other reasons, the right to use the provided content shall also be extinguished.

Article 7 (Paid Content)

  1. Some parts of this service allow users to purchase paid content by paying a price. The amount, payment method, and other matters of the paid content will be separately defined by our company and displayed on this service or our company’s website.
  2. Our company may change the price of the content provided for free or for a fee in this service at our discretion.
  3. If a user delays the payment of the price for paid content, the user shall pay our company a late payment charge at a rate of 14.6% per annum.
  4. Paid content is licensed for use only to the user themselves.
  5. No refunds will be accepted for paid content after purchase.

Article 8 (Prohibition of Money Exchange, etc.)

All content acquired within this service is prohibited from being sold, transferred, lent, borrowed, etc., whether directly, through third-party intermediation, or via internet auctions, in exchange for money or other real-world consideration (including so-called RMT [Real Money Trade], but not limited to it. This also includes receiving money or other real-world consideration for actions within this service).

Article 9 (Disclaimer)

  1. Our company shall not be liable for any damages arising from changes, interruptions, or termination of this service.
  2. Our company shall not be involved in, nor be liable for, the user’s usage environment of this service.
  3. Our company does not guarantee that this service will conform to a user’s specific purposes, have the expected functions, commercial value, accuracy, usefulness, conform to applicable laws or internal rules of industry groups for the user’s use of this service, or be free from defects.
  4. Our company does not guarantee that this service will be compatible with all information terminals, and users shall acknowledge in advance that problems may arise in the operation of this service due to version upgrades of the OS of the information terminals used for this service. Our company does not guarantee that such problems will be resolved by program modifications or other measures taken by our company.
  5. Users shall acknowledge in advance that part or all of the use of this service may be restricted due to changes in the terms of use and operational policies of service stores such as AppStore and Google Play.
  6. Our company shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages incurred by users through the use of this service.
  7. Our company shall not be liable for any damages (including indirect damages and lost profits) incurred by users or other third parties, even if our company has been notified of the possibility of such damages in advance.
  8. The provisions of paragraphs 1 to the preceding paragraph shall not apply in cases where our company has intentional or gross negligence or where the contract qualifies as a consumer contract under the Consumer Contract Law.
  9. Even in cases where the preceding paragraph applies, our company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by users due to negligence (excluding gross negligence) by our company, and in particular, shall not be liable for any damages arising from special circumstances.
  10. In the event that our company is liable for damages in relation to the use of this service, our company shall be liable for damages only up to the amount received from the user in the month when the said damage occurred.
  11. Our company shall not be liable for any disputes or troubles between users and other users. In the event of trouble between users and other users, it shall be resolved at the responsibility of both parties, and no claims shall be made to our company.
  12. If a user causes damage to another user in connection with the use of this service or causes a dispute with a third party, the user shall compensate for such damage or resolve such dispute at their own expense and responsibility, and shall not cause any trouble or damage to our company.
  13. If a third party makes a claim for damages, etc., against our company due to the actions of a user, the user shall resolve it at their own expense (including attorney’s fees). If our company pays damages to the said third party, the user shall pay all costs (including attorney’s fees and lost profits) to our company.
  14. If a user causes damage to our company in connection with the use of this service, the user shall compensate for the damage (including litigation costs and attorney’s fees) at their own expense and responsibility.

Article 10 (Advertisement Placement)

Users acknowledge and accept that there may be various advertisements included on this service, and that our company or its partners may place any advertisements. The form and extent of advertisements on this service are subject to change at any time by our company.

Article 11 (Service Termination)

  1. Our company may terminate this service by notifying users in an appropriate manner.
  2. Users agree in advance, without objection, that in the event of service termination, they will lose all rights to use paid content and will not be able to use said paid content thereafter.
  3. Our company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by users or third parties due to the termination of this service, regardless of the cause.

Article 12 (Prohibition of Rights Transfer)

  1. Unless with prior written consent from our company, users shall not transfer their status under this agreement, or any rights or obligations under this agreement, in whole or in part, to a third party.
  2. Our company may transfer all or part of this service to a third party at our discretion, and in such case, all rights of users regarding this service, including user accounts, will be transferred to the transferee within the scope of transferred rights.

Article 13 (Severability)

Even if any provision or part thereof of this agreement is deemed invalid or unenforceable under the Consumer Contract Law or other laws, the remaining provisions of this agreement and the remaining part of any provision deemed invalid or unenforceable shall continue to be fully effective.

Article 14 (Method of Contacting Our Company)

Contact or inquiries from users to our company regarding this service shall be made by sending from the inquiry form placed in appropriate locations within this service or our company-operated website, or by any other method separately specified by our company.

Article 15 (Governing Law, Jurisdiction)

  1. The validity, interpretation, and performance of this agreement shall be governed by Japanese law and shall be interpreted in accordance with Japanese law.
  2. In any dispute, lawsuit, or other disputes between our company and users, etc., the Tokyo Summary Court or Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreed jurisdiction court, depending on the amount of the claim.

Enacted on September 26, 2023