What is Deshi-Iri?

Deshi-iri is a class of realizaztion of what makes you happy.
Deshi-iri introduced to you the happiness through on-hand Buddhism teaching.
In the teachings of the Buddha,
you can find yourself happy by helping other people ( Rita ) ,
feel unliberated by the wisdom of Buddha.
You will be exposed to full-immersion of Japanese culture,
as well as Japanese manner (Omotenashi), SDGs,
and Nembutsu meditation well-being.

What do you do in the Deshi-iri?


The priest will explain
your class of the day.
How you prepare the class
and expectation of the class.


You will sit and meditate at sanctuary of the buddism temple, prepare your body and soul to be ready for the class.
You will feel your body and soul is getting separeted from your normal busy day-to-day stressful life.


The priest will explain and guide you the widsom of Buddha.
You will realize the uplifting happy moment
by sitting in the sanctuary
in front of Amidah Buddha statue.

④Wrap up time

The priest will answer
your question if any.
Please share your feelings or realizations
with others in the class.

Course Detail

Class last about 60 min to 150 min
depends on your request.
Minimum two person to be held.
At the end of the class, Jyuzu,
praying beads is handed to each person
which traditionaly hand-crafted at the store.
The tradition has been passed down since Edo era 4000 years in history.
This beads is designed specifically for the Deshi iri class.

Venue & Neiborhood

Daikoji Temple
Kyoto, Fushimi Ward, Hōkichō, 1-1
Keihan Line Fushimi Momoyama st.

Kintetsu Line MomoyamaGoryoumae st.

JR Nara Line Momoyama st.



Kappa Country


Who we are

We understand everyone has encouter the moment in the pact
that life is harder than you thought it would be.

Our life becames more convenient with high technoligy, smart phone and internet,
however, your self-being is more complicated than ever before.

This is why, we are helping modern people to heal their soul and feel
spiritually liberated by the wisdom of Buddhism.
At the end of the class, Jyuzu, praying beads is handed to each person
which traditionaly hand-crafted at the store with 4000 years history in Kyoto.